Allah mentions it several times in the Holy Quran (39:9) as below "Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?"

Thus, Education is the answer! To address the issues of impoverishment on a holistic and community level, education is the cornerstone of success and the key to improved life chances.

Full-Time School:

This is one of the major objectives of ArRahman Education Welfare Trust.

Establish K-12 School with an aim to educate children academically and spiritually. Focus on 3-dimensional education as detailed below, to groom the children in making the leaders of generation.

1.Standard academic syllabus

We are planning choose the best curriculum either CBSE or Cambridge university (IGCSE). Child will reach his or her potential through experimentation and fun filled learning in an encouraging environment. Art technologies, namely Digitized and Smart classes for all children to enrich their talents that enable them to compete in this competitive world.

2.Sports, Games and Martial Art to develop sound physique.

Child development is incomplete without sports activities. There are various learning areas enhancing the childrens communication, thinking, creativity, team work, strategy making, and leadership and so on, without sports and games these are not fulfilled.

3.Islamic education to groom into good character.

The open society influences our children in all aspects of our life. It is important to analyze these influences and avoid un-Islamic environment and practices which otherwise it can result in the corruption of our childrens understanding of Islamic Morals and Values. Therefore, Islamic Environment & Islamic Studies are integrated for our students to learn and practice Islam in this world and thereby win Akhirah! Islamic subjects may include:

Satellite schools:

These are multiple small scale schools located in the impoverished areas especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children where the families couldnt afford their childrens public school education and the children have no choice but to work.

These schools may not have pictures of corridors and crowds, bells except benches but what matters to the children who come there is the opportunity to study.